Fifty Shades of Grey: Scratches On The Bubbling Hormonal Fears And Excitements That The New Generation Engenders

11 Aug

They suggest that the easiest way to catch an audience is to play on their basic instincts. However, it requires immense control of the pen to hold Erotica interesting throughout an elongated book. There are bound to be stretch marks! One has to accept, though, that E L James has endeavored to take a potent route and delivered with gusto through Fifty Shades of Grey.

The plot is simple; about an undergraduate (Ana Steele) being tapered into submission by a millionaire (Christian Grey); how she begins to fall into the plot; and how her hormonal changes connect with her relations with her best friend (Katherine Kavanagh). The storyline revolves around a bizarre sexual contract that Ana needs to stick to; fringing on the popsicle-territory of BDSM. In between, there are pricey gifts; email communication and that is where James shows his immaculate magnetic writing skills.

Yes, this domain has been intruded and with stark precision before. An analogy can be drawn between the tortured Bill Buffalo and how he turns demonic on busty girls to feed his ego in Silence of the Lambs. Also, in the same book, it was enterprising to discern how Hannibal Lectern laser-scans Clarice Starling’s fears and prejudices through poignant questions and shows her the way out of fear.

Here, Christian Grey has some supposed qualms from his childhood and takes it out on adolescents by being dominant. We stare at a grossly rich fellow who loves to stick to antiquarian measures to torture girls and yet he keeps her savvy with laptop and Audi. The whole environment is of such a crushing confusion that the naïve Ana, definitely not as surefooted as her friend Katherine, is bound to be intimidated.

There is distinct pleasure in being ruled by a powerful authority; it generates more pangs than dominating a weakling. Ana is bought over by the clinical surety with which Christian proceeds; stepping at bars, keeping her away from embarrassment and even spanking her into propriety. At the near-end, Ana even asks to be punished so that she can fully understand the nuance of this dominant game. However, it ends positively for puritans, as Ana leaves Christian to live with Katherine.

The reason behind the book’ popularity is the way it scratches on the bubbling hormonal fears and excitements that the new generation engenders. You want to get off the park and yet you wish to play the games as well. This Catch-22 situation is James’ biggest victory, as Fifty Shades of Grey spills into its sequel.

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