Follow That Fly: A Fantastic Fable

26 Sep

We all learn our ABC in the morning of our life and remember it till the end. There is a precise reason behind it. Firstly, we toil a lot to learn it; a labor we never replicate in life. Secondly, there is a league of illustrations to keep us fascinated about the lessons. In this context, lots of learning books keep coming up; with glitzy pages, neat drawings and wonderful little stories for kids.

For instance, take the case of ‘Follow that Fly’, a classic adaptation of ‘A Fly Went By’ by Mike McClintock. In this chillingly original tale, children are taken through a fear session, as the protagonists are terrorized one by one by those bigger in size. A fly flees from a frog who finds a cat repulsive. The progression is on to a dog and then a fox. The little parenting book is a prose version in the fashion of a nursery rhyme and has all the quality of being an all time children classic.

Children are quite impressionable and need to be taught the learning lessons through play and scheme. Such are these books that they enchant even the old guys. From little books on alphabets, animals and fishes to fantastic images of human body parts, children are slowly taken into the journey of what awaits them in future. It has to be said that kindergarten teachers and parents would be at a loss of ideas to impart information on kids without these children’s books.

The best part about these learning books for kids is the art of interaction. These books cut a direct chord with children almost like crossword puzzles keep adult minds busy. There are different kinds of books for kids; sowing proper seeds of maths; creativity and science in kids who cannot even spell these words. They also provide great moral lessons to little minds.

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